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Kids Against COVID-19 Help Save Lives | United OneHeart Charities

Kids Against COVID-19

“Just Because We’re Little Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Make A Big Difference”

Kids Against COVID-19, through our supporting organization United OneHeart Charities, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was built from two 9-year-old children. They were so affected by this virus, and how it shut down the world, that all they wanted to do was to be able to help those that are suffering.

Through those two children, Kids Against COVID-19 was born. Our organization provides food, blankets and clothing to those children and families that have been hurt worse by this horrible pandemic. We also provide Personal Protective Equipment, at no cost, to underfunded nursing homes that take care of our parents and grandparents. In addition, we help to protect our Front- Line workers.

There are over 18 million children in the United States suffering right now because they don’t have enough food to eat and part of our mission is to help get as much food to those children as soon as we can.

These Children Devote Their Time To Help Others In Need

Let’s Help Save Lives Together!!