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Who We Are | Luxury Vacation Package for Travel

Who We Are

United OneHeart Charities, Inc. has been designated a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service and able to take tax deductible donations under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

We were incorporated in 2005 as a non-profit entity, which utilizes various fund raising programs. The money raised through these programs is then given to other charitable organizations throughout the country and the world that need resources to fund important causes. In the past, we have raised funds for finding a cure for several diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, various types of pediatric diseases and other aid organizations.

Each year we specialize in an area of particular importance. Recently, the world has been turned upside-down. The Coronavirus has changed all of our lives forever. At United OneHeart Charities, our hearts and prayers go out to the millions of people that lost loved ones to the virus. We ALL need to join hands and help.

One industry that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic is the travel industry. We at United OneHeart Charities have always had great working relationships in the travel industry. We have utilized those relationships to assemble the most amazing and awesome Exotic Vacation Package, valued at over $15,000.

United OneHeart Charities works with major corporations which help sponsor these fabulous awards for our National Fund Raising Campaign.  The Vacation Package includes mega-huge travel values with large international corporations such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Alamo, Quest, Access International, Walt Disney and more!

We are able to give a Luxury Vacation Package, valued at over $15,000, FREE as a thank you to donors who give a tax deductible donation of $999 or more.  Because the vacation package is so huge compared to the amount of the donation, quid pro quo IRS rules only allow the donor to deduct $629. Income tax effect may vary by individual, so please consult your tax advisor for deductibility. In addition, for almost all U.S. taxpayers, up to $300 of donations to a charity ($600 for a couple) are deductible in 2021, even if you take the standard deduction and don’t itemize. Therefore, the government will help pay for your Luxury Vacation Package.

There has never been such an Awesome Luxury Vacation Package Giveaway Event like this. Our corporate sponsors have agreed to provide a minimum of 10,000 awards to be given away. That is a lot of Exotic Vacation Packages to give away. If you want to receive your Awesome Vacation Package simply click here or on the Donate Now and provide the information requested.

This year, United OneHeart Charities is working with an organization started by two 9-year-old children that just wanted to help those impacted by the pandemic. Kids Against Covid-19 (KAC-19) was formed. As indicated below, KAC-19 provides free Personal Protective Equipment to underfunded nursing homes, assisted living facilities, medical staff and first responders. They also provide free food, blankets and clothing to those in need.

Please peruse the following information to learn more about the great work done by Kids Against Covid-19. Call now 888-211-2170 or Email: