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Cruises | Carnival cruise lines | Royal Caribbean Cruises

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Carnival Cruise

5 day/4 night Cruise for 2 adults on Carnival cruise lines. You have your choice of at least 3 ports to depart from. With this cruise, you sleep onboard the ship, and all meals and onboard entertainment are included. The current port charges are approx. $199 per person. This cruise requires a $50 per person non-refundable processing fee and at least 90 days advance reservation. Also may be subject to holiday or peak season surcharges. NOTE for 1st-time cruisers: alcoholic beverages, gambling, etc., are never included with a cruise. If you want to upgrade, request pricing when you activate your vacation.

($1000 Value)

Vacation for Two

Round-trip Passage aboard a cruise ship from Port Everglades to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island-this is about a six-hour cruise with your meals & entertainment included onboard. Once you reach Freeport, enjoy 4 days & 3 nights accommodations at the Island Palms Resort Hotel downtown. (Other upgrade options available). Then you get back aboard the ship for the return cruise to Florida. This trip requires a 60-day advance reservation; the cost is approximately $199 per person for processing and port fees/taxes and $12 – $14 per person per day for hotel tax & gratuities on the island. This is a total of about $495.00 for two people. ($1,000 Value)

***Note: Both of the above cruises need to be taken within one year of your donation to United OneHeart Charities. You can “gift” one to a family member or friend. These are the only 2 bonus vacations in your package that are already activated. The other vacations can be taken whenever you wish. There is a $6.95-$10.00 activation fee for each of the following vacations once you are ready to use each of them.

3-Night Cruise & Stay 4 days / 3 nights

Round trip cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Grand Bahama Island. All meals and activities are included on the ship. Once you reach the island, you will get off the boat and stay for 3 nights at a 3-star resort hotel. (You may also upgrade to a 5-star resort instead for around $50-60 per night.) This trip requires a processing fee of $199 per person, plus miscellaneous taxes and 60 days advanced notice.


Royal Caribbean Cruises

4 days/3 nights Royal Caribbean Cruise with Three Great Itineraries: Miami to the Bahamas, Cape Canaveral to the Bahamas, or Los Angeles to Mexico. All meals, snacks, and entertainment included onboard. Order as many as you want for just $30, shipping and handling each to give away to friends and family members.

Celebration Caribbean Cruises

3 days/2 nights Caribbean cruise from Palm Beach, Florida to the Grand Bahamas onboard the Bahama Celebration for 2 adults, 21 or older. Port charges and taxes of $59 per person, 60 days advanced notice required.

Bahamas Cruise & Stay

4 days/3 nights Bahamas Vacation. Round-trip cruise for 2 adults (21 or older) plus 2 nights at the resort. 60 days advanced notice required $199 per person processing fee. Reorder more for $10 each.